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March 18,2015
Sean Vigue, author of Power Yoga for Athletes, recently shared with FitBottomedGirl.com five yoga poses athletes can use to improve their fitness. Vigue, who teaches yoga, Pilates, boot camps and is a personal trainer while living in the mountains of Colorado, is sharing five fantastic yoga poses for athletes. Learn More.
February 11,2015
Amy Riolo, author of the Fair Winds title The Ultimate Mediterranean Diet Cookbook, will be featured at a presentation and book signing at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., on May 13. Learn More.
September 22,2014
When Sheila McCraith, author of Yell Less, Love More, was overheard yelling at her kids, she decided there had to be a better way to communicate. People.com shares her 5-step plan to more calm parenting. Learn More.
May 27,2014
Apothecary Cocktails, by Warren Bobrow, has been nominated for the Spirited Award for Best New Cocktail/Bartending Book by Tales of the Cocktail 2014. Learn More.
April 23,2014
The Quarto Group was featured in Publishers Weekly London Book Show Daily on April 9, 2014. Here are a few excerpts from the article. Learn More.
February 26,2014
Quarto (LSE: QRT.L), the leading global illustrated book publisher and distribution group, on February 26 announced a rebrand of its publishing divisions, comprising new names and a new visual identity, which better represents how the divisions work together. With shared domestic, international and foreign language sales teams Quarto is one integrated supplier to customers worldwide. The new names and logos make this clear while capitalizing on the company’s 38-year-old heritage. Learn More.
February 17,2014
Dr. Stephen Sinatra, co-author of The Great Cholesterol Myth and The Great Cholesterol Myth Cookbook for Fair Winds Press wrote a recent article on healthy eating for BoomerBrief.com. Read his article, "Foods to Keep Your Heart Healthy After 50," here. Learn More.
January 20,2014
Michelle Dudash, author of Clean Eating for Busy Families, is featured in the Search for the Next Weight Watchers Chef on ABC TV's food show The Chew. Learn More.
January 20,2014
A Lentil Quina Bolognese Sauce recipe adapted from The Great Vegan Bean Book was a recent featured recipe in The Washington Post Food Section. Learn More.
December 12,2013
Warren Bobrow, "Cocktail Whisperer" and author of Apothecary Cocktails for Fair Winds Press, was the subject of a feature in the December issue of New Jersey Monthly magazine. Learn More.
November 7,2013
For sluggish digestion, cocktail expert Warren Bobrow concocts a simple syrup steeped with fennel, a natural diuretic, and pours it into a Collins glass with crushed ice, raki (the anise-based Turkish spirit), bitters, and chile flakes (a little sweat does a body good), topping it with seltzer water. Bobrow, a food and spirits writer known as the Cocktail Whisperer, offers the Peppery Fennel Fizz and dozens of other vintage-styled “curatives” in his new book, “Apothecary Cocktails: Restorative Drinks from Yesterday and Today.” Learn More.
October 17,2013
Jonny Bowden, author of The Great Cholesterol Myth and other titles for Fair Winds Press, was asked by E! Online for his take on Kim Kardashian's 25-pound weight loss using the Atkins Diet. Learn More.
September 24,2013
Whether taking a day trip to the beach or sightseeing abroad in an exotic city for the first time, traveling can quickly take you out of your comfort zone, away from restaurants and shops that carry your go-to gluten-free food staples. These five simple tips can help make eating gluten-free on-the-go safe and simple. Learn More.
August 23,2013
Do you associate high fat, high protein diets with high cholesterol? You shouldn't, says cardiologist Stephen Sinatra, author of "The Great Cholesterol Myth: Why Lowering Your Cholesterol Won't Prevent Heart Disease-and the Statin-Free Plan That Will. In an exclusive interview, Dr. Sinatra discussed the best foods for your heart and your health. Learn More.
August 13,2013
Anthony Dias Blue recently recorded features about Wicked Good Burgers on his radio show, The Blue Lifestyle Minute. The Blue Lifestyle Minute airs 6 times daily on both WCBS New York and KABC Los Angeles. Approximately 100,000 listeners hear the Blue Lifestyle Minute daily. The Lifestyle Minute is a James Beard Award-winning program. In addition, Wicked Good Burgers was also featured on the national Blue Lifestyle Minute spot, syndicated by CRN Digital Talk Radio. Learn More.
July 22,2013
Business travelers are notorious for leaving any dietary plans on the back burner when they’re away from home, but Michelle Dudash, a registered dietitian and the author of “Clean Eating for Busy Families,” said they don’t have to indulge bad eating habits on the road. Dudash talked with International Business Times about the best plan for healthy eating while traveling. Learn More.
June 28,2013
Dr. Jonny Bowden, author of The Great Cholesterol Myth, appeared on a couple of national shows recently to talk about cholesterol in relation to actor James Gandolfini's tragic death. Bowden was a guest on the Joan Hamburg Show on WOR Radio in New York on June 21 and Home and Family on the Hallmark Channel on June 24. Learn More.
June 13,2013
If you've tried everything diet-wise, and haven't been able to reach your healthy weight, there's another avenue that some nutritionists are touting: the importance of a healthy gut. One of those nutritionists is Deirdre Rawlings, Ph.D., author of Fermented Foods for Health. Learn More.
May 22,2013
Burgers are having their moment. The popularity of patties sandwiched inside buns is soaring, with burger joints opening all over. But you don’t have to fight crowds or stand in long lines to enjoy this typical American meal. Burgers are easy to make at home and great for entertaining, especially well-suited for large groups gathering on a holiday weekend. Follow these tips from Wicked Good Burgers, by Andy Husbands, Chris Hart, and Andrea Pyenson, to make sure your burgers are as good as they can be. Learn More.
April 9,2013
If you think that lowering your cholesterol will protect you from a heart attack, think again. The co-author of The Great Cholesterol Myth, Jonny Bowden, Ph.D., answers some of the most common questions about this vital substance—and sets the record straight about how to really protect your heart in a recent interview with WellBella.com Learn More.
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